We are very blessed to continue our adventure into 2021. Our main focus at Little Bear Upcycle is to provide adorable baby and toddler outfits using upcycled textiles. We are happy to say we recycle around 4,000 pounds of clothing each year!!!!!!

In hopes to recover from the 2020 pandemic, we are introducing new boutique items to our shop. Each item is carefully sourced and inspected upon arrival. Since these items are not made by LBU Props, we make sure each item is sewn correctly and all the buttons and snaps are in perfect condition. We hope you enjoy our new additions.

Remember we LOVE seeing our items in use!!!! We would be honored if you could tag us in all of your images with our products in use.

Thank you for all of your support over the last 5 years!!!!! It means the WORLD to us!!!!!!

Blessings to 2021

-LBU Props Team